July 03, 2014

The 12 Astrological Houses: Keywords

This is a very basic collection of keywords for the houses. But they are still useful. Remember, planets answer the question "what" and the houses answer the question "where." Therefore, in using the keywords for the planets found here and the keywords for the houses as shown above, we can come up with simple statements of interpretation. Some examples:

The planet keywords are colored in red. The house keywords are colored in blue.

Moon in the 7th house
  • attraction to partners who are nurturing
  • a tendency to smother or protect others
  • seeking emotional security through others
  • emotional fulfillment (or lack of) in marriage

Saturn in the 3rd house
  • controlled and careful use of language
  • restricting the mind to just the facts 
  • language barriers
  • authoritative use of language
  • difficulties and obstacles in early education

Jupiter in the 1st house 
  • optimistic and cheerful outlook on life
  • enthusiastic expressions
  • over-confidence in new projects 
  • a joyous effect on others

Like I always say, no single part of a chart can define a whole person, so it's important to remember that the statements above can be GREATLY altered based on the rest of the chart. For instance, what aspects are applied to the planet? What sign is the planet in? What house is the sign's ruler in? What aspects is the ruler making? What sign is the ruler in? There are many more factors that go into complete astrological interpretations. The entire method is called Synthesis. That is, seeing the different elements of a chart as parts of a whole. Everything is related, connected, and influenced by everything else.

June 29, 2014

Neptune in Action

Photo by Elena Kalis
I love it when I find the most perfect way to demonstrate the workings of astrology. And I just stumbled on one so I have to share. This one involves the planet Neptune. Neptune is the "dissolver." He represents all things that cannot be quantified or even grasped... illusions, dreams, romance, glamour, fantasies, deception, magic, smoke and mirrors, etc. I once read that a great way to understand how Neptune works in a birth chart is to think about what it's like to open your eyes under water. Nothing is solid, nothing stays the same or keeps form. Things are blurry and hard to see. This is exactly what Neptune does to any planet or angle it touches in a birth chart.

Any hard aspect (conjunction, opposition, quincunx, square) from Neptune to a personal planet (sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars) will make that planet become blurry. For instance, let's say someone has Mars square Neptune. Mars, being the planet that represents action, initiation, sex, motivation, anger, etc. would become quite weak due to Neptune's influence. It is as if Neptune takes mars and throws it out to sea, drowns it. A person with mars square Neptune would then have a really hard time finding motivation. They may spend a lot of time thinking about doing things but never actually getting the oomph to get those things done. Because of a weak mars, it would be hard to know what to do at any given moment, because they are lacking direction, impulse, enthusiasm, and fight.

Neptune with venus can make a person very, very idealistic, so it's hard for them to see their relationships or their love interests clearly. This is the classic hopeless romantic. They see what they want to see and not what is right in front of them. Neptune distorts. Neptune also leads to great disappointment. Because eventually, reality sets in, and reality includes human imperfection, disappointing the idealist.  What they thought they had turned out to be something very different. That is Neptune. This is why Neptune also rules romance and glamour, neither of which are based in reality.

In the video above you see what is called Refraction in action. Refraction is when water makes a ray of light change direction. The word "refract" comes from the Latin refract- ‘broken up,’ from the verb refringere, from re- ‘back’ + frangere ‘to break.’ Remember, that's exactly what Neptune does, it breaks up (dissolves) the forms or structures of reality and presents something else or nothing at all.

June 24, 2014

The Four Quadrants in a Birth Chart

Before posting the meanings of the 12 houses of an astrology chart, I wanted to go over exactly what a house even is and how one is configured. In Astrology there are many different ways to divide a chart into 12 houses. Known as House Systems, house divisions and calculations is perhaps the most controversial subject among astrologers, but I will always refer to and use one - the most popular house system in modern western astrology- known as the Placidus House System, (popularized in the 17th century). I won't go into all of the specifics on how exactly a Placidus chart is calculated, as it is rather confusing and complicated, but I recommend this article on Astro.com for further reading.

As a quick summary as to what I even mean by "house", I found the best description comes from one of the best astrologers, a big favorite of mine, Howard Sasportas, in his book The Twelve Houses: Exploring the Houses of the Horoscope, which I HIGHLY recommend for all students of  Astrology. Here is how he explains it:
The division of the mundane sphere into what eventually became known as the house  arose out of a need to relate the axial rotation of the Earth with the movement of the planets in the sky. While signs are subdivisions of the apparent revolution of the Sun, Moon, and planets around the Earth, houses are subdivisions of the Earth's diurnal (daily) rotation on its own axis.  
The houses used to be called "watches". Watches were based on the movement of the Sun as it rose in the east, passed overhead of the observer and set in the west. Each watch covered approximately 6 hours of time, marking points of sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight.  
By the advent of the Renaissance, astrology had devised several methods of dividing these watches into the twelve houses of the horoscope. Furthermore they developed a correspondence between the various types of human activity and the different watches or houses. In this way houses became the frame of reference through which the potentialities of a planet and sign combination could be related to the actual events and concerns of life. Without the structure of the houses astrologers cannot bring the significance of celestial events down to earth. 
Because Astrology assumes a geocentric solar system - that is, the earth placed at the center instead of the sun - a birth chart is drawn up based on the human perspective from here on earth. A chart begins at a certain degree of a certain sign of the Zodiac. Just as a day begins when the sun rises up over the horizon in the east every morning and ends as it sets in the west every evening, astrological charts also begin in the east, (which is always on the left side of a chart - confusing, I know). Specifically, we look to the exact degree and the sign of that degree that was rising over the eastern horizon at the time of one's birth. It is that degree that begins a birth chart. This degree is called the Ascendant (ASC) or Rising sign. The Ascendant is literally the intersection of the ecliptic and a person's horizon, as in where the sky meets the earth. The point directly opposite (180-degrees) of the Ascendant is the Descendant (DC). The DC is always on the right side of a birth chart in the west. The two points, ASC and DC make up the horizon line running from east to west and divides the chart into two halves, a south half and a north half.
Astrology Houses and Quadrants chart
Just as there is, at any time, a particular sign rising over the eastern horizon, there is also always a certain degree and sign culminating at the upper meridian - the point exactly south of the place of one's birth. This point is called the Midheaven (MC). MC is an abbreviation for Median Coeli - or "middle of the heavens." The degree exactly opposite the MC is the Imum Coeli (IC) or "lowest heavens." These two points create the meridian axis, and also divide the chart into two more halves, an east and a west. These 4 points - ASC, DC, MC, & IC are what we call the Angles of a chart. They are like a framework or skeleton, from which, the rest of the chart is divided and configured.

Because the ASC/DC axis and the MC/IC axis cross each other at right angles, they create 4 separate divisions of the circle called quadrants. Each quadrant begins at one of the 4 angles mentioned above. The ASC is the cusp of the 1st house which is also the beginning of Quadrant I. The The IC is the cusp of the 4th house, which is also the beginning of Quadrant Il. The DC is the cusp of the 7th house, also the beginning of quadrant Ill. Finally, the MC is the cusp of the 10th house, also the beginning of Quadrant IV. This is how we create houses 1, 4, 7, and 10, which are in most cases located at different degrees for everybody. (There is a 1 in 360 chance of having the same angle degree as somebody else.) Marking the divisions for the rest of the houses is much more complicated, but for now, just know that each quadrant is divided into three different houses:

Quadrant I (navy): houses 1, 2, 3
Quadrant II (pink): houses 4, 5, 6
Quadrant III (brown): houses 7, 8, 9
Quadrant IV (turquoise): houses 10, 11, 12

When interpreting a chart it's important to remember that each house belongs to a certain quadrant. The birth chart is symbolic of many different cycles, including the cycle of a day, the cycle of a year, the cycle of life, and the cycle of human development, all of which go through different stages. Because I view Astrology as mainly a psychological tool, I tend to view the houses as stages in the journey from birth to death and the human developments that occur in each stage. In that sense, the 4 quadrants and the 3 houses in each quadrant are symbolic of these different psychological stages:

Quadrant I: The development and awareness of Self
Quadrant II: The integration of Self in the immediate environment
Quadrant III: The awareness of Other
Quadrant IV: The integration of the self into society

Next time I will go into more detail about each house!

June 17, 2014

The Planets in Astrology

Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars
Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
You can use the little form at the bottom of this post to get your own birth chart and find out where your planets are!
Rules: ♌ Leo & 5th House Orbit: 365.25 days - 30 days per sign
The sun's glyph contains a circle and a dot. The circle has no beginning and no ending and represents  wholeness, spirit, and infinite possibility. The dot in the center symbolizes the spark of life. As a whole, the astrological glyph for the sun portrays infinite potential (the circle) through a specific point - the individual (the dot).
Sun Keywords
father husband the hero true self basic drives
light vitality self-expression ego purpose
"to be" life force individuality the center of self self-awareness
The placement of the Sun describes:
Your self concept Your father's influence
Your self-expression How you perceive your father
How you can fulfill yourself Your true potential
the health of your ego The strength of your life force
Your urge to create How you express your will to be
"The universe is moved by a power which cycles endlessly from day to day. Such greatness endures for all time. As in heaven, so on earth." - I Ching 
Rules: ♋ Cancer &  4th House Orbit: 27.32 days - 2.5 days per sign
The moon's glyph contains a crescent shape which represents openness and receptivity. It is concave and empty, like a bowl waiting to be filled. The crescent is said to represent the soul.
Moon Keywords
mother wife feeling-instincts habits subconscious
conditioning instincts nostalgia emotional security protection
maternal love nourishment the stomach femininity reactions
The placement of the Moon describes:
How you nurture yourself & others Your unconscious reactions and instincts
Your mothers influence How you perceive your mother
How you protect your vulnerability How you soothe yourself
How you express your emotions Conditioning learned in childhood
How you instinctively react How and where you attempt to get your needs filled
"The contemplation of celestial things will make a man both speak and think more sublimely and magnificently when he descends to human affairs." - Cicero
Rules: ♊Gemini + ♍Virgo & 3rd + 6th Houses Orbit: 88 days - 2-3 weeks per sign
Mercury's glyph is formed like a totem pole with the crescent of soul on the top, the circle of spirit in the middle, and the cross of matter on the bottom. This represents the spirit as a link between soul and matter. The cross of matter on the bottom is the rootedness and base from which the spirit is lifted up to reach and connect to the soul. All together,  matter, spirit, and soul create perfect wholeness.
Mercury Keywords
intellect reasoning deductive logic communication linear thought
the messenger the connector writing language ambiguity
ambivalence nervous system interchanges transportation neighborhoods
perceptions correspondence the lower mind logical processes eagerness to learn
The placement of Mercury describes:
Your ability to perceive and make sense of the world How you communicate
your motivations to communicate Your eagerness for new knowledge
How you learn new things How you articulate yourself
Your perception of your siblings
How you analyze, organize, and discriminate
Your urge to understand reality how you connect with the world outside of you
"I have been criticized and ridiculed for turning to astrology, but after a while, I reached the point where I didn't care." - Nancy Reagan
Rules: ♉Taurus + ♎Libra & 2nd + 7th Houses Orbit: 225 days - b/w 20 days & 2 months per sign
The glyph for Venus places the circle of spirit over the cross of matter. This symbolizes the spirit as presiding over the cross of matter. It is also the standard biological symbol for "female." 
Venus Keywords
love affection beauty politeness harmony
relationship urge to connect cooperation values visual arts
music money aesthetics tenderness self-indulgence
urge for togetherness feminine energy desire for physical comfort grace refinement
The Placement of Venus describes:
What you are aesthetically attracted to How you love
What you do to attract others How freely you express love and kindness
What you value Your aesthetic choices
How well you compromise What makes you feel physically comfortable
Your urge to socialize Your needs for companionship
How you show affection how much you value social contacts
"Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality." - Steven Forrest
Rules: ♈Aries & 1st House Orbit: 2 years - 1.5 months per sign
The glyph for Mars is a perfect representation of its essential purpose: the expenditure of energy. It includes the circle of spirit with an arrow shooting out from it, pointing upwards to the right - to a specific aim. It represents a release of energy. Fittingly, it is also the symbol for "male."
Mars Keywords
masculinity aggression action animal nature assertion of self
independence war violence athletes accidents
surgeries raw power  force competition destruction
The placement of Mars describes:
How you get what you want How you assert yourself
Your passions How competitive you are
What makes you mad How you fight
how and where you spend your energy How you start new projects
Your urge to do  How defensive you are
"Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you." - Dane Rudhyar
Rules: ♐Sagittarius & 9th House Orbit: 11.9 Years - 1 year per sign
In the glyph for Jupiter, there is the crescent of soul on the side of and connected to the cross of matter, representing a balance and cooperation between the receptivity and matter. 
Jupiter Keywords
optimism expansion luck faith trust
freedom growth enthusiasm exploration sense of humor
high expectations philosophy  higher education over-doing exaggeration
The placement of Jupiter describes:
How you express enthusiasm  What your beliefs are
Your urge to explore mentally & physically Where you feel fearlessness
How much faith you have in life What your philosophies are
Your urge for abstract thought How you mentally grow
In what area you tend to over-do Your sense of humor
"The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts. The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins. The moon is a great nerve center from which we quiver forever. Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus? But it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us all the time." - D.H. Lawrence
Rules: ♑Capricorn &10th  house Orbit: 29.5 years - about 2.5 years per sign
The Saturn glyph has  the cross of matter rising up above the crescent of soul. That is, matter presiding over receptivity. Saturn does, in fact, prefer reality over  illusion, as its glyph perfectly symbolizes.
Saturn Keywords
discipline responsibilities obstacles limits control
restriction maturity fear misfortune reservation
authority disappointment  time & patience structure boundaries
The placement of Saturn describes:
In what area of life you are most fearful  how and where you need to control
how strong your boundaries are Where & how you limit yourself
where you need to learn responsibility  How you deal with authority
where you will have obstacles to overcome What lessons you need to learn
where you are most close-minded how structured and stable you tend to be 
"The stars which shone over Babylon and the stable in Bethlehem still shine as brightly over the Empire State Building and your front yard today." - Linda Goodman
The last three planets: Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are considered the Outer Planets, that is, they are much further away and slower than both the Social Planets: Jupiter and Saturn, and the Personal Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto move around the sun at such a slow rate that they actually spend many, many years in relatively the same spot, or the same Zodiac sign. Therefore, every person born within a span of 7 years, for instance, will have Uranus in the same sign in their birth chart. What this means is that these last three planets affect decades of people in the same way.

For instance, right now in 2014, Uranus is in Aries and will be there until March of 2019. Therefore, every baby born from until then will have Uranus in Aries. Neptune is in Pisces until 2025. Pluto is currently in Capricorn and will be there until 2023. Uranus and Pluto, specifically, effect entire generations, each generation reflecting the current signs of the planets.

When it comes to interpreting these slow planets in a birth chart, it is more personally informative to look at which house they are located in and what aspects they make to your personal planets. The house placements and aspects of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are more or less different for everyone, and are therefore more telling on a personal level. It is still important to look at the signs of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto but remember it will be the same for everyone within several years of your birth.
Rules: ♒Aquarius + 11th House Orbit: 84 years - 7 years per sign
There are two glyphs for Uranus. The 1st, and most widely used one, is one of the more complicated glyphs. It includes both the letter H for Sir William Herschel who discovered the planet in 1781, but it also has two crescents on each side of the cross of matter, on top of the circle of spirit. This shows an openness and recptivity from both sides, feeding into material existence . Uranus is, in fact, the planet of flashes of insight and invention. The 2nd glyph for Uranus shows the symbol for the sun with an arrow shooting directly upwards, depicting Uranus' fixed ideals and tendency to go where the light has not yet been. Uranus is, in fact, the rebel of the solar system.

Uranus Keywords
freedom eccentricity invention deviation progression
unpredictability carefree upheaval disruption electric impulses
revolution humanism awakening flash of lightning the unexpected
The house placement of Uranus describes:
where  you need to let go what area of your life is unpredictable
Where you feel unattached to convention in what area of life you need total freedom
where you can expect sudden changes how & where you follow your own path
where you cause or experience rebellion in what area of life you do things "differently"
where you experience upheavals where you feel the most idealistic
"Astrology is a fact, in most instances. But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols. No influence is of greater value or of greater help than the will of an individual.... Do not attempt to be guided by, but use the astrological influences as the means to meet or to overcome the faults and failures, or to minimize the faults and to magnify the virtues in self." - Edgar Cayce
Rules: ♓Pisces + 12th House Orbit: 165 years - 14 years per sign
The Neptune glyph depicts an upward crescent connected to the cross of matter. The crescent is lowered onto the cross so that there are three points pointing upwards to infinite idealism and the superconscious. The Crescent seems to overwhelm and submerge a part of the cross of matter. In fact, Neptune is most definitely the planet of submergence, that is, viewing life as if through water, blurred and deceptive. Neptune's rewards require a true balance of practicality and inspiration.
Neptune Keywords
delusion deception glamour escapism the higher realm
fantasy smoke & mirrors boundlessness merging illusion
infiniteness drugs/alcohol formlessness limitlessness disappointment
The placement and condition of Neptune describes:
where you have a weak hold on reality  where you deceive yourself / others
where you are overly idealistic where you feel limitlessness
the strength of your personal boundaries the strength  of your urge to escape reality
how open/closed you are to outer influences where you are the most in-tune with higher realms
where you have the urge to blur boundaries your infinite imagination  
"The puzzling thing is that there is really a curious coincidence between astrological and psychological facts, so that one can isolate time from the characteristics of an individual, and also, one can deduce characteristics from a certain time." - Carl Jung
Rules: ♏Scorpio + 8th House Orbit: 248 years - b/w 14 to 30 years per sign
There are two glyphs for Pluto, the "PL" symbol being the most popularly used today. The "PL" stands for astrologer Percival Lowell (founder of the Lowell Observatory) and for the Roman god Pluto. Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh at the Lowell Observatory in 1930. The 2nd glyph is similar to that of Neptune, but with the upwards crescent containing a circle of spirit. This represents Pluto's need for a balance of both our receptivity to the underworld (submerged circle of spirit) and our need for power. If one outweighs the other, it can lead to total obsession with power, psychotic episodes,death, and destruction. 
Pluto Keywords
destruction death psych. complexes rebirths ruthlessness
power & control all or nothing transformation perceptiveness tearing down to rebuild
elimination penetration obsession shadow self desire
The placement of Pluto describes:
where you feel the dire need to control you urge for power
where you subconsciously transform where / when you are the most intense
where your ego feels the most threatened where you need to release control entirely
where you feel a sense of obsession where you manipulate and feel manipulated
where you are most close-minded your detective skills
Let us know what signs and houses your planets are in! Do you have a lot of planets in one house? I have 5 planets in the 7th house! I also have the Sun in Scorpio in the 8th house and the Moon in Aquarius in the 11th. My favorite is my Venus in Libra in the 7th. I'm proud of that one. :)

June 12, 2014

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Below you will find basic information for each sign of the Zodiac. I mentioned in a previous post that nobody is just their sun sign, so it's important to remember that the descriptions for each sign below are not describing people who were born with their sun in Aries or Gemini or Libra, for instance. They are describing the signs themselves, and how each sign "colors" planets that are placed in them. Remember, the signs act as adverbs and describe HOW something is done. For instance, planets in Aries become more restless and impatient. In Pisces, planets tend to dissipate and become much more receptive.

For each sign I've included specific information: the planetary ruler, the element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), modality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable), polarity (Masculine or Feminine (yin/yang)), orientation (personal, social, universal), what part of the body it rules, it's symbol, motto, and the sign of its opposite. I also listed keywords and traits for each sign that will definitely help when it comes to interpreting a birth chart, as well as how each sign effects the planets. And of course I tried to include the very best celebrity quotes I could find for each sign. You will notice, that most of the celebrities I included have multiple planets in a particular sign. The more planets a person has in a single sign, the more intense and obvious that sign's traits become. The planets' keywords are coming up next!  And then we will put it all together.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Ruler: ♂ Mars
Element: Fire
Modality: Cardinal
Polarity: Masculine
Orientation: Personal
Rules: The Head
Symbol: Ram
Motto: "I am."
Opposite Sign: ♎ Libra
Aries Traits & Keywords
ambitious foolhardy desire
the hero / always on a missionthe warrior / crusader trailblazer
pioneer competitive restless
distinctly masculine impatient loves a challenge
initiative to do exactly what one pleases most impulsive sign
daredevil defensive instant gratification
easily bored / distracted "do or die" self-righteous
When a planet is in Aries it...
... expresses its energy in a bold, enthusiastic, and honest way.
... becomes more impulsive, action-oriented, and more single-minded in manifestation.
Quotes by Famous Aries
“My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose.”
- Bette Davis (Sun & Saturn in Aries)
“My passion and energy get mistaken for anger.”
- Gary Oldman (Sun, Moon, & Mercury in Aries)
“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.”
- May Angelou (Sun, Jupiter, & Uranus in Aries)
“The weak are the most treacherous of us all.”
- Bette Davis (Sun & Saturn in Aries)

Ruler: ♀ Venus
Element:  Earth
Modality:  Fixed
Polarity:  Feminine
Orientation:  Personal
Rules: Neck, Throat, & Voice
Symbol:  Bull
Motto:  "I have."
Opposite Sign:  ♏ Scorpio
Taurus Traits & Keywords
inertia slowest moving sign sustaining & maintaining
structure creating things of value extremely sensual
slow & steady wins the race possessive loyalty
stubborn determined accumulation
calmness grounded the five senses
art & music patience resilience
resistance to change materialism predictability
When a planet is in Taurus it...
... expresses its energy in a calm, earthy, and determined way.
... becomes much slower, deliberate, and more grounded in the physical.
Quotes by Famous Taurus
"If you’re given a choice between money and sex appeal, take the money. As you get older, the money will become your sex appeal."
- Katharine Hepburn (Sun, Moon, Mercury in Taurus)
“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.”
- Gary Snyder (Sun in Taurus)
“A voice is such a deep, personal reflection of character."
- Daniel Day-Lewis (Sun & Moon in Taurus)
“If they try to rush me, I always say, I've only got one other speed and it's slower."
- Glenn Ford (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Midheaven in Taurus)

Ruler: ☿ Mercury
Element: Air
Modality: Mutable
Polarity: Masculine
Orientation: Personal
Rules: Arms, shoulders, hands, lungs, nervous system
Symbol: Twins
Motto: "I think."
Opposite Sign: ♐ Sagittarius
Gemini Traits & Keywords
duality communicative objectivity
intelligence changeable fickle
sociable flexible mult-tasking
the trickster the messenger inconsistency
mental agility playful avoids deep emotions
wit quick movement dexterity
friendly optimistic unfocused
When a planet is in Gemini it...
... expresses its energy in an alert, restless, and rational way.
... becomes much quicker in action and often more playful.
Quotes by Famous Geminis
"Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes."
- Walt Whitman (Sun in Gemini)
"Honestly, I like everything. Boyish girls, girlish boys, the thick, the thin. Which is a problem when I'm walking down the street."
- Angelina Jolie (Sun & Mercury in Gemini)
“I'm not that patient sometimes. I'm like a rocket - I go a hundred miles per hour.”
Heidi Klum (Sun & Moon in Gemini)
“I change during the course of a day. I wake and I'm one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I'm somebody else.”
Bob Dylan  (Sun & Mercury in Gemini)

Ruler: ☽ Moon
Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Polarity: Feminine
Orientation: Personal
Rules: Stomach, Breasts
Symbol: Crab
Motto: "I feel."
Opposite Sign: ♑ Capricorn
Cancer Traits & Keywords
very emotional nurturing instinctive
receptive maternal private
tied to the past protective moodiness
nourishment memories vulnerability
sensitive smothering shrewd business sense
affectionate subjective poetic & imaginative
self-pitying dependable deep urge to be needed
psychic  compassionate security-conscious
When a planet is in Cancer it...
... expresses its energy in a sensitive, emotional, and subjective way.
...becomes extremely sensitive to feelings and unconscious expressions.
Quotes by Famous Cancers
""It is such a secret place, the land of tears."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery (Sun & Venus in Cancer)
"Nothing I've ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children.”
- Bill Cosby (IC, Sun, Mercury, Pluto in Cancer)
“I was completely unprepared for the public spectacle my private life became, and didn't like it a bit."
- Harrison Ford (Sun and Moon in Cancer)
“I think the sensitivity that you need to create certain things sometimes would spill over into things that shouldn't have bothered me."
- Jack White(Sun & Moon in Cancer)
“It's a wonderful feeling when your father becomes not a god but a man to you- when he comes down from the mountain and you see he's this man with weaknesses. And you love him as this whole being, not as a figurehead."
- Robin Williams (Sun and Mars in Cancer)

Ruler: ☉ Sun
Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Polarity: Masculine
Orientation: Personal
Rules: Heart & Blood
Symbol: Social
Motto: "I will."
Opposite Sign:  ♒ Aquarius
Leo Traits & Keywords
courage strength superiority
authoritative open-minded tolerance wants to be the best
the leader prideful dramatic
wants the spotlight boldness flamboyance & extravagance
mythologizes disinterested in practical details childlike innocence & openness
warmth generosity needy ego
creative self-expression idealistic needs approval and appreciation
craves recognition  feels special concern for the big picture
When a planet is in Leo it...
... becomes generous expressive and creative but also extremely self-centered.
... expresses its energy in a whole-hearted and authoritative way.
Quotes by Famous Leos
"You know, I am a Leo. Lion is a giant part of me.”
- Patrick Swayze(Sun, Moon, Mercury. Pluto in Leo)
"I always like to see if the art across the street is better than mine."
- Andy Warhol (ASC, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune in Leo)
“If I was a girl again, I would like to be like my fans, I would like to be like Madonna."
- Madonna (Sun, Venus, Uranus in Leo)

Ruler: ☿ Mercury
Element: Earth
Modality: Mutable
Polarity: Feminine
Orientation: Social
Rules: Lower Intestine
Symbol: Virgin
Motto: "I analyze."
Opposite Sign: ♓ Pisces
Virgo Traits & Keywords
discrimination efficiency & precision systems & synthesis
mental & intellectual serving others the critic
a need to be useful high standards very practical
resourceful classifying & organizing methodical categorization
practice makes perfect working with the hands craftsmanship
dutiful the worry wart skill mastery
easily stressed fear of chaos & the unknown compartmentalization
conservation  not easily fooled the realist
When a planet is in Virgo it...
... becomes very precise and efficient.
... expresses its energy in an anxious yet practical way.
Quotes by Famous Virgos
"Stupid. You have to be stupid. That’s what optimistic means, you know? It means stupid. An optimist is somebody who goes, “Hey, maybe something nice will happen.” Why the fuck would anything nice happen?”
- Louis C.K. (Sun, Uranus, & Pluto in Virgo)
"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
- J.K. Rowling(Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo)
"“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create."
- Maria Montessori (Sun in Virgo)
“I crave ideas, and when an idea hits me, it grips me and it tortures me until I master it."
- Gene Simmons (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn in Virgo)
“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity."
- Leo Tolstoy (Sun, Moon, Mercury in Virgo)

Ruler: ♀ Venus
Element: Air
Modality: Cardinal
Polarity: Masculine
Orientation: Social
Rules: Kidneys
Symbol: The Scales
Motto: "I balance."
Opposite Sign: ♈ Aries
Libra Traits & Keywords
fundamental sense of justice decorum keeping the peace
"other"-oriented elegance charm
manners & etiquette compromise harmony
social grace dependence on others one-to-one relationships
cooperation tact the people pleaser
the true diplomat motivated by beauty refinement
ability to see both sides the perfectionist idealized love
fairness at all costs constantly beautifies passive aggressive
When a planet is in Libra it...
... becomes more balanced in its expression and shows a tendency to compromise in order to keep the peace.
... can see both sides of any issue.
Quotes by Famous Libra
"We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it.”
- Dwight D Eisenhower (Sun, Moon, Mercry in Libra)
"All we are saying is give peace a chance."
- John Lennon (Sun in Libra)
“Don't confuse being stimulating with being blunt."
- Barbara Walters (ASC, Sun,  Mercury, Mars in Libra)

Ruler: ♇ Pluto & ♂ Mars
Element: Water
Modality: Fixed
Polarity: Feminine
Orientation: Social
Rules: Reproductive organs
Symbol: Scorpion
Motto: "I desire."
Opposite Sign: ♉ Taurus
Scorpio Traits & Keywords
intensity deepest emotions in the zodiac suspicious
defensive the urge to merge with another secretive
probing of the psyche an interest in what's hidden uncanny perceptions & instincts
jealousy emotionally committs great will-power
power & control compassion regeneration
rebirth transformation sex
deep truths the detective "x-ray vision"
lures & attracts magnetic depth & undercurrents
When a planet is in Scorpio it...
... becomes more intense and perceptive.
... becomes a instrument for change and transformation.
Quotes by Famous Scorpios
"Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.”
- Pablo Picasso (Sun & Mercury in Scorpio)
"I would say what scares me is that I'm going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that I'm really not lovable, that I'm not worthy of being loved. That there's something fundamentally wrong with me."
- Demi Moore (Sun, Venus, Mercury, & Neptune in Scorpio)
“I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught."
- Georgia O'Keeffe (ASC, Sun, Moon, Mercury, & Jupiter in Scorpio)
“I'm a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect. I'm a bad girl because I like to tease. "
- Katy Perry (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, & Pluto in Scorpio)

Ruler: ♃ Jupiter
Element: Fire
Modality: Mutable
Polarity: Masculine
Orientation: Universal
Rules: Hips & Thighs
Symbol: The Archer / Centaur
Motto: "I understand."
Opposite Sign:  ♊ Gemini
Sagittarius Traits & Keywords
enthusiasm optimism future-oriented
the adventurer passion & love for life the big picture
a fear of limitations candid, frank, & blunt philosophical
tendency to over-do wisdom benevolence
spontaneous a constant search for meaning buoyant & spirited
far-reaching utterly authentic needs space to roam
unwavering faith in life mental & physical exploration devotion to the truth
When a planet is in Sagittarius it...
... expresses its energy in an open, warm, and spontaneous way.
... becomes more zealous and direct.
Quotes by Famous Sagittarius
"I've always been very determined, ever since I was a little girl, to make my way."
- Scarlett Johansson (ASC, Sun, Uranus, & Pluto in Sagittarius)
"It's good to be able to laugh at yourself and the problems you face in life. Sense of humor can save you."
- Margaret Cho (ASC & Sun in Sagittarius)
“Anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart, and cannot make a good soup.”
- Ludwig Van Beethoven (Sun, Moon, & Mercury in Sagittarius)
“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”
- Jimi Hendrix (ASC & Sun in Sagittarius)
“I like learning new stuff, and continuing to educate myself as best I can.”
- Dominic Monaghan (Sun, Mars, & Neptune in Sagittarius)

Ruler: ♄ Saturn
Element: Earth
Modality: Cardinal
Polarity: Feminine
Orientation: Universal
Rules: Skeleton & knees
Symbol: Goat
Motto: "I use."
Opposite Sign:  ♋ Cancer
Capricorn Traits & Keywords
mastery purpose integrity
tradition & structure achievement status
subtlety boundaries respect for  authority
hardest working sign serious maturity
self-control rigidity fatherly
constant awareness of time caution & realism investments
willingly endures hardship difficulty relinquishing control conservative
When a planet is in Capricorn it...
... becomes more focused, practical, and ambitious.
... becomes serious in its expression and more self-reliant.
Quotes by Famous Capricorns
"You can't expect to make no effort. You still have to make the effort and be kind and understanding."
- Zooey Deschanel (ASC, Sun, Moon, & Mercury in Capricorn)
“Work cures everything.”
- Henri Matisse (Sun, Mercury, & Mars in Capricorn.)
“The only use of an obstacle is to be overcome. All that an obstacle does with brave men is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them.”
- Woodrow Wilson (IC, Sun, Moon, & Mercury in Capricorn)
“I don't ever want to be a sentimentalist. I prefer to be a realist. I'm not a romantic really.”
- James Earl Jones (ASC, Sun, Moon, Mercury, & Saturn in Capricorn)

Ruler: ♅ Uranus + ♄ Saturn
Element: Air
Modality: Fixed
Polarity: Masculine
Orientation Universal
Rules: Ankles
Symbol: The water-bearer
Motto: "I know."
Opposite Sign:  ♌ Leo
Aquarius Traits & Keywords
freedom progression ahead of its time
reasoned logic humility & modesty compassion for all of humanity
impartial & unbiased the rebel the needs of the group
the most rational sign the genius exceptionally tolerant
idealistic brotherhood friendship
social welfare altruism independence
unconventional reformation forward-looking
basic human rights fanaticism science, invention, technology
When a planet is in Aquarius it...
... expresses  its energy in a dispassionate, thoughtful, and independent way.
... becomes focused on group dynamics rather than the individuals.
Quotes by Famous Aquarians
"I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free... so other people would be also free."
- Rosa Parks (Sun, Moon, Mercury, & Uranus in Aquarius)
"We need more people speaking out. This country is not overrun with rebels and free thinkers. It's overrun with sheep and conformists."
- Bill Maher (Sun & Mercury in Aquarius)
“What material success does is provide you with the ability to concentrate on other things that really matter. And that is being able to make a difference, not only in your own life, but in other people's lives."
- Oprah Winfrey (Sun, Mercury, & Venus in Aquarius)

Ruler: ♆ Neptune + ♃ Jupiter
Element: Water
Modality:  Fixed
Polarity: Feminine
Orientation: Universal
Rules: Feet & Lymphatic system
Symbol: Fish
Motto: "I believe."
Opposite Sign:  ♍ Virgo
Pisces Traits & Keywords
self-redemption devotion the unconscious
sacrifice a very private soul passivity
fantasy & imagination the incurable romantic artistic creativity
the martyr psychic compassion
the chameleon natural actor glamour
dilution dreams inconsistency
nebulous self-undoing "to serve or to suffer"
the mystic evasion distortion
When a planet is in Pisces it...
... expresses its energy in an indirect way.
... becomes weakened and less distinct.
Quotes by Famous Pisces
"Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions."
- Edgar Cayce (Sun, Venus, Mercury, & Saturn in Pisces)
"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."
- Albert Einstein (MC & Sun in Pisces)
“The beast in me is caged by frail and fragile bars."
- Johnny Cash (ASC, Sun, Mercury, & Mars in Pisces)