July 03, 2014

The 12 Astrological Houses: Keywords

This is a very basic collection of keywords for the houses. But they are still useful. Remember, planets answer the question "what" and the houses answer the question "where." Therefore, in using the keywords for the planets found here and the keywords for the houses as shown above, we can come up with simple statements of interpretation. Some examples:

The planet keywords are colored in red. The house keywords are colored in blue.

Moon in the 7th house
  • attraction to partners who are nurturing
  • a tendency to smother or protect others
  • seeking emotional security through others
  • emotional fulfillment (or lack of) in marriage

Saturn in the 3rd house
  • controlled and careful use of language
  • restricting the mind to just the facts 
  • language barriers
  • authoritative use of language
  • difficulties and obstacles in early education

Jupiter in the 1st house 
  • optimistic and cheerful outlook on life
  • enthusiastic expressions
  • over-confidence in new projects 
  • a joyous effect on others

Like I always say, no single part of a chart can define a whole person, so it's important to remember that the statements above can be GREATLY altered based on the rest of the chart. For instance, what aspects are applied to the planet? What sign is the planet in? What house is the sign's ruler in? What aspects is the ruler making? What sign is the ruler in? There are many more factors that go into complete astrological interpretations. The entire method is called Synthesis. That is, seeing the different elements of a chart as parts of a whole. Everything is related, connected, and influenced by everything else.

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